For the Bath

I love the variety of ways in which clay pots inhabit a living space, giving it a sense of ground and fire and light. Here we have toothbrush holders and soap dishes as well as an elegant recepticle for that necessary toilet brush.

And, in case you've never met, the neti pot -- an aruvedic necessity for dealing with nasal congerstion and sinus difficulties, I'm presenting it to you. For many it's a household necessity and the buyer at the Co-op told me it's the best one he's seen anywhere.

Each is titled to help you find the piece on the order form.

Neti Pot

Netti Pot Toothbrush holder Vase Toilet Brush Holder
Heart-hand plaque Soap Dispenser Soap Dish Sponge Holder

at the table
in the kitchen
around the house